As noted above in blue, our agreement with the school, and due to the AAW insurance policy that covers our activities, only current members of the AAW will be allowed to use the lathes. Whether or not they plan to turn at this meeting, we strongly suggest that all members of Channel Islands Woodturners join the AAW for the many benefits including the excellent journal and the annual symposium.  Non-AAW members are encouraged to attend the Hands-On and learn by watching.  If you don’t have a lathe and are considering whether to pursue this hobby, we will link you up with one of our mentors and you can practice in their shop.  Also see the mentor info on the Officers page.

Remember to bring your safety gear and also wood to turn, sandpaper, superglue, your turning tools (sharpened), and any finishes that you might want to use.  The last 20 minutes committed to cleaning up the shop (if you turn you clean!).

At the regular meeting of the Channel Islands Woodturners on Saturday February 27, Michael Ingham demonstrated surface carving and painting.  Bruce Berger demonstrated  piercing thin walls with rotary carvers.  Sam Turner’s demonstration was deferred due to time constraints.  There was an extensive Show and Tell session, and a raffle was held.  For pictures of the meeting click here.






New members – Jeff Baugher, Richard Brinser, Jack Gebhardt, Dale Grizzell, Rick Haseman, Jim Henderson, Steve Langton, Rami Nadershahi, Bruce Olander, Marc Rosenberg, and Bunny Shank.