March 22nd Meeting: from 9:00 am to noon           Warren Brown: Cyma bowls


Warren will show bowls at each stage of the process and has put together an excellent presentation which is not to be missed!

at   David Frank’s

        The March show-and-tell session will be particularly exciting since we didn’t have one last month and you should have many pieces to bring.

The February 23rd meeting at Al Geller’s home featured the all-day demonstration by Alan Lacer.  His morning presentation on the use of the skew chisel was outstanding and gave a clear step-by-step guide to the effective use of this tool known for its difficulty.  If you missed his presentation or want a review, check out the copy of his video from our library or log onto his web page at  In the afternoon Alan made hooked tools using oil-hardening bar steel which he heated with a MAAP torch to bend followed by quenching in olive oil.  This left a very hard but brittle cutting tip which he then tempered by heating with a regular propane torch and air cooling.  After the tip was sharpened on the grinder he used the new tools to hollow out the inside of small lidded box forms.  Photos From Alan Lacer Demo .  CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE. 

Since the end of last year seven new members, John Bailey, Doug Eaton, Dan Halpert, Seth MacArthur, Jim Martin, Joel Oksner, and Bruce Purvine have joined the club bringing our membership total to an all-time high of 27.  The Channel Islands Woodturners name tags will be available for our new members at the March meeting.  Welcome to the club.  We look forward to sharing our skills and learning from you all.

In preparation for the April meeting please think about what skills or techniques you would like to see and practice at the hands on workshop.  We will be deciding where to hold the meeting, and which lathes to have available, etc.  We need your input to make this as rewarding as possible.


Next Meeting: Saturday, April 26 Novice/beginner’s workshop