• New Treasurer David F. explained budget breakdown
  • Show and Tell: Robert M.
  • David F. used coal dust to fill voids
  • John A. - carved and painted pieces
  • Warren B. - Acacia
  • Bruce B. - open segmented bowl
  • The jig he used
  • Harvey M. - Molly Winton-inspired small hollow forms
  • Doug H. - Binh Pho inspired pierced piece and hollow form
  • Al G. - Maple burl - should it be shiney or matt?
  • Jim R. - even grandson can hollow
  • Trio of critics: Ron L.'s Star Pine bowl inspired by Pat Kramer
  • Sally Ault's turned jewelry art
  • Steve H. brought Star Pine for raffle
  • Different shapes to turn
  • Different cords and clasps - Sally's signature is the star
  • dsc04314
  • Drill hole from tail stock
  • Hold bead in hole with bamboo skewer in tailstock
  • Using the Cindy Drozda Vortex tool - used like a gouge, not scraper
  • A few beads
  • Firming up punky wood with CA glue
  • dsc04340
  • Finished turned forms
  • Cutting a ring with a Free-ring scraper tool
  • The moment of release
  • Sanding on skewer against foam-backed sanding disk in head stock
  • Sanding inside hole using rotary tool
  • Sanding sleeve
  • Sanding inside ring
  • Buffing wheels
  • Now to build some jewelry - stiffen cord with glue to ease threading beads
  • Crimping end connector on cord
  • Pliers to hold ring open
  • Various fittings
  • Note the stars
  • dsc04374
  • Coiling copper wire - perhaps for head pins - using round-tip pliers
  • sally_ault_2013_05_23_0017
  • sally_ault_2013_05_23_0018
  • Sally likes twigs as well as beads and rings
  • sally_ault_2013_05_23_0024
  • Parting off bead
  • Drilling off-center hole in disk with Forstner bit
  • That bamboo skewer again
  • sally_ault_2013_05_23_0047
  • sally_ault_2013_05_23_0060

President’s Message:

This month’s meeting will feature Sally Ault, a noted woodturner from San Diego, CA.  While Sally is a great source of information about woodturning in many areas, this presentation will concentrate on her unique turned jewelry.  This is probably going to be a first exposure for many of us about a new area for gifts or sales of our craft.  Please note that WIVES, SPOUSES, and SIGNIFICANT OTHERS, are invited to attend this fun demonstration.

The Board of Directors has been working on the initial plan to become a non-profit organization.  We are making good progress and will have something to present to the membership soon.

David Frank has completed a budget for the year that will be available at the meeting.

Steve Hurt will bring some Norfolk Island Pine for the wood raffle, so bring your money.  We will also have Show and Tell and the Critique.  Remember the 3-minute timer !!!

See You Saturday,

Chuck Hiatt

Mentors Available

The following list of members have offered to act as mentors to any member of the club who wishes to have hands-on instruction.  This can be done at the mentor’s shop or at the member’s home on their own lathe.  It is an excellent way for beginning turners to quickly learn basic skills and safety and for more advanced turners to develop new ideas and skills.  Using your member roster, give any mentor a call to arrange a time.  If you don’t have your roster or want to add your name to the mentor list, give the newsletter editor a call.

Each mentor can teach basic skills; some have also listed specific topics in which they are especially interested or have more advanced skills.

Bruce Berger         Any topic including segmented turning

Warren Brown       Any topic

David Frank            Any topic

Al Geller                   Open form bowls, natural edge bowls, bowl design

Ron Lindsay           Any topic including hollow turning freehand

Jim Rinde                Anything to do with using and turning resins, turning goblets, hollow turning with a boring bar with/without a laser

Herm Ross              Miniatures; tool making and metal work

Chuck Stevenson Basic turning; he is learning to do segmental work

Gary Toro                Anything you want to make

Sam Turner             Any topic (if he doesn’t know how, he will learn it with you)