New policy as of November 2006: the cost of replacing missing videos and books will be charged to the last person who signed them out.  Be sure to sign the loaned item back in when you return it, don’t just hand it to another member.  Help our librarians keep things straight in the “check-out book”.

Description of filing system and sign out instructions:

?         Inventory is alphabetical by:




?         Media is filed in boxes alphanumerically by INDEX NUMBER

?         Checkout Sheets are filed in Blue Binder alphanumerically by INDEX NUMBER.  Please print your name and date checked out.  Upon returning, please return the media to its alphanumeric location in the appropriate box and enter the date returned on the check out sheet next to your name.

Note:   The INDEX NUMBERS have been assigned randomly.  There is no correlation between index number and title, author, or subject.

?         New acquisitions are marked with an asterisk (*) and will remain so listed for six months


It may be helpful and save you time to look at what is available and then bring the index numbers of the items you are interested in to the meeting and check them out.  We try to have the library available 20-30 minutes before the meeting starts and at breaks in the program.

So that the library materials receive maximum use by all, please observe the following:

Check-out policy and reimbursement for replacement items.  Remember, library items can be checked out for one month and are due and must be checked in at the next meeting. If you will not be attending the meeting, please make arrangements to return the item by having someone check it in for you.

Personal follow up.  If you have the index number of an item and it has been checked out, you can check in the sign-out book and contact the person who has the item checked out to let them know that you are anxious to check it out next.

VHS tapes are no longer routinely brought to the meetings.  If you need a VHS tape, please identify the index number in the library inventory and contact me via e-mail no later than the day before the meeting.  Give me the index number(s) and I will bring the VHS tape(s) to the meeting.  The entire collection of books and DVDs will be available for check out at the meeting.

Limits on checked out items.  Only one “new” item may be checked out at one time.  Two tapes by Eli Avisera may be checked out at one time.  Otherwise, there is no specific limit on the number of items which can be checked out. However, as a courtesy to others, please check out only those items which you will be watching over the month, and do not check out a number of tapes in the same series or on the same subject at one time.

Donations to the library.  We are always happy to accept donations to expand our library collection.  Thank you to Michael Ingham for donating books at the last meeting.  They are designated as “new” in the latest inventory update.

If you have questions about the library, or if you or have suggestions for acquisition or how the library procedures can be improved, please let the librarians know.