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President Joanne Wilson
Vice-President Chrystal Craver
Treasurer Jim Word
Secretary and Membership Tucker Grant
Communication Chair Jeff Hendrych
Program Chair Sam Turner, Al Geller,  Bruce Berger
Community Outreach David Frank
Director At Large Dave Stallard


Correspondence Lance Pillsbury, Ray Higgins
Google Group Email Ron Lindsay
Librarian Mark Monaco
New Member Welcome Arnie Rudman
Publicity Roger Tripp
Wood Raffle John Ascheman
Photos Ron Lindsay
School Use Permits Al Geller, Terry Koplan
Site Preparation                     Video Set Up Robert Mitchell,  Morrie Lewis,  Lee Rosenboom Dave Stallard, Pedro Morillas
Demo Lunch John Knittle
Ventura County Fair Booth Harvey Rich Studio Darrell Wilson, Drew West                                             Bruce Berger


 Mentors Available to Members

The following list of members have offered to act as mentors to any member of the club who wishes to have hands-on instruction.  This can be done at the mentor’s shop or at the member’s home on their own lathe.  It is an excellent way for beginning turners to quickly learn basic skills and safety and for more advanced turners to develop new ideas and skills.  Using your list of member phone numbers, give any mentor a phone call to arrange a time.  If you want to add your name to, or delete your name from the mentor list, contact Jim Rinde.

Each mentor can teach basic skills; some have also listed specific topics in which they are especially interested or have more advanced skills.

Bruce Berger Any topic including segmented turning
David Frank Any topic with emphasis on the basics for new turners
Al Geller Open form bowls and platters, natural edge bowls, bowl design, hollow vessels
Ron Lindsay Any topic including hollow turning freehand
Jim Rinde Anything to do with using and turning resins, turning goblets, hollow turning with a boring bar with/without a laser, cooking wood, and multi-axis turning
Gary Toro Anything you want to make
Sam Turner Any topic, with emphasis on the basics for new turners, and hollow vessels